4th Tuwaiq Sculpture Open Call

The open call for the 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture is now open. Applications will close on September 25.


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4th Tuwaiq Sculpture Open Call

The open call for the 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture is now open. Applications will close on September 25. Following a rigorous review process, 30 local and international sculptors will be invited to participate in the symposium, where they will create large scale sculptures in a live setting, made from either granite or Riyadh stone.

Applications are open to stone sculptors from around the world with at least five years of experience exhibiting permanently or temporarily in outdoor spaces or galleries.

Further details about participating in Tuwaiq Sculpture are in the Artist Open Call Invitation document, which can be found in the Related Links section on this page.

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Energy of Harmony

The theme for the 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture is ‘Energy of Harmony’. Art reflects on the fundamental characteristic of human existence—the ongoing synthesis of the opposing forces. While omnipresent dualities are rooted in everyday life, they also exist in conversations about aesthetics. To attain harmony means to strike a balance between contrast and similarity, variation and repetition, sparsity and abundance, inactivity and vibrance.

'Energy of Harmony' encourages artists to reimagine sculptural possibilities and capture manifestations of ephemeral processes of introducing and witnessing change. Shape-shifting transformations draw parallels with the act of composing music: seamlessly weaving a choir of different voices and embracing diversity to reach rhythmic unity. Articulating the experience of interdependence, 'Energy of Harmony' also echoes principles of the art of calligraphy and urban design, whose sustained emphasis on integrity, balance, and cohesion leads to creating the whole that is larger than the sum of its parts.

'Energy of Harmony' establishes points of connection and focus within the urban environment of Riyadh, giving a heightened awareness of co-existing structures, voices, and patterns.

A jury panel comprising five renowned experts in their field have been chosen to review each application, and 30 artists will be commissioned to create new works at Tuwaiq Sculpture. This year's edition is curated by Marek Wolynski.

Marek specializes in large-scale projects and cross-sector partnerships, having previously worked on creative commissions and seminal exhibitions for the British Council, United Nations, Mayor of London, Verbeke Foundaiton, European Parliament, Luma Foundation, and Art Rotterdam, among others.

Marek is also the chairperson of a jury panel of experts who will select the Tuwaiq Sculpture artists, and is joined by Alaa Tarabzouni, Director of ATHR Gallery, an architect and artist whose practice focuses on urbanism and the built environment; Ali Al-Tokhais, a sculptor with a practice spanning 40 years and an expert is stones originating from Saudi Arabia; Johannes von Stumm, a critically acclaimed sculptor, President of the Oxford Art Society and Past President of the Royal Society of Sculptors in the UK; and to be announced – an acclaimed academic whose work revolves around the arts, culture, and heritage of Saudi Arabia.

The 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture will take place from January to February, 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Tuwaiq Sculpture is an annual sculpture symposium that brings local and international artists together to create public artworks in a live setting. Through an interactive program of workshops, school visits, and talks, Tuwaiq Sculpture engages diverse communities and bolsters cultural exchanges. The symposium culminates in an on-site exhibition, with the sculptures enriching the Riyadh Art collection and later becoming a permanent feature of the Saudi capital’s urban fabric.

Tuwaiq Sculpture is a platform where local and international artists meet, collaborate, and create large-scale public artworks in a live setting. The open format of the symposium allows the public to observe the creative process, participate in interactive workshops, and discuss the history and future of public art, effectively contributing to the enrichment of the cultural scene in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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21 Aug, 2022 — 25 Sep, 2022

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12:00 am GMT/UTC +3

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Tuwaiq Sculpture Curator

4th Tuwaiq Sculpture

Marek Wolynski is a London-based curator and producer specialising in large-scale projects and cross-sector partnerships. Championing innovative and sustainable dialogues between tradition and modernity, Marek acts as a strategy consultant for institutions and organisations across the world.

His curatorial practice focuses on developing inspiring experiences and nurturing collaborative partnerships through the interplay of art, nature, science, and technology. Marek has worked on a range of creative commissions and seminal exhibitions with the British Council, United Nations, Mayor of London, Verbeke Foundation, European Parliament, Luma Foundation, and Art Rotterdam, among others. Some of his curatorial projects include the world’s largest exhibition of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests kinetic sculptures, Daniel Spoerri’s retrospective in Belgium, a charity art auction with Forbes, and a series of psychoacoustic sound events inside ancient caves featuring Ice Age Rock Art.

Marek also leads D-Fuse, a collective of audiovisual pioneers working with environmental storytelling since the mid-1990s, and serves as UK Coordinator of sculpture network – the largest pan-European non-profit organisation dedicated to the support and promotion of three-dimensional art.

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